Comcast approached LegacyX with a challenge: they needed a suite of tools to run in tandem with AutoCAD Map, tools what would perform a variety of functions. This tool suite would run within AutoCAD Map. Its requirements:

  • Increase drafting performance by eliminating all the manual steps.
  • Create and set layers to match standards.
  • Facilitate the drafting of plant by setting object snaps and even snapping blocks to lines and rotating/trimming lines.
  • Tracing tools ensuring accurate physical network connectivity.
  • Enforce the maximum number of inputs of all equipment.
  • Quality assurance tools allowing various levels of the design lifecycle to be tested. This ensured that standards were matched, the appropriate information was entered into attribute data and that network connectivity was valid.

The final release of Comcast’s requested tool suite added real time HFC signal design and power level calculations. This system is still in use today, and was even used as a model by Autodesk.