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LegacyX started by rescuing distressed legacy software systems and has evolved into a full stack technology solutions provider.

LegacyX clients seek help with clunky interfaces, lacking integration, requiring workarounds for what should be simple tasks. Businesses would experience their team doing ‘voodoo fixes’ or working with disparate ‘Frankenstein’ systems causing inefficient and redundant work. Sometimes, IT development went wrong. Other times, software simply hasn’t kept up with the times or organizational expansion, and has outlived its usefulness.

Working with the unique needs of your business to optimize the job the software needs to accomplish, while prioritizing the end user experience. Together, we will identify how LegacyX can craft an ideal solution, keeping you informed throughout the entire process. That’s why our clients trust LegacyX, and we think you will too.

tradeswallet logo


Innovative digital wallet. Secure, online certification management solution designed to ensure worksite compliance and increase productivity.

International Union Of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 955 logo

International Union Of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 955

Simplify, Communicate and Automate. Software to deal with every aspect of modern Union Business.

UnionX Intelligence

UnionX Intelligence is a dedicated online toolkit to scale membership development, support membership recruitment and manage employer organizing activities.

Building Trades of Alberta Training Society

Custom apprenticeship tracking application and experienced online event facilitation.

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International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Custom mobile apps for each local and live broadcast to communicate with members remotely and securely.

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Walt Disney Imagineering

Business critical system overhaul. New application, leveraging modern technology and software practices

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Developed industry leading application, a suite of tools to work in tandem with AutoCAD Maps.


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