Transforming The Future of Union Work

Integrated Software Solutions Powering:

Union Intelligence, Operations and Experiences

UnionX is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed specifically for labor and trade union partners. Having innovated digital solutions for unions for over a decade, LegacyX Software Inc. has developed UnionX to ensure that unions have the operational tools to succeed in the modern workplace.

LegacyX Software collaborated closely with union clients in the design of UnionX to find ways to make the work of union team members more efficient and effective. UnionX’s transformative solutions deliver meaningful impact for union partners by elevating the quality of digital experiences for union staff, advocates, and the members they serve.

Challenges Unions Face

Union leadership and administrators are committed to meeting a broad range of workplace demands while also discovering ways of accomplishing more with less and ensuring a seamless, user-friendly digital experience. Having the right systems, processes, and technology stack is crucial to achieving these goals.

LegacyX Developed Union Solutions For

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM) platforms for membership development and organizing activites 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for membership management, collective agreements, dispatch, job board and so much more 
  • Time and dollar banks for pensions and health & wellness accounts 
  • User interfaces and membership web portals 
  • Secure and shareable credential management 
  • Payment Integration 
  • Digital Forms and QR codes 
  • Systems Integration  
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Union IT Systems Administration 
  • Custom Union Mobile App 
  • Live Broadcast and online meeting facilitation
  • Apprenticeship tracking 
  • Learning Management System (LMS) enhancement 

UnionX Solutions

Future of Union Work

  • Elevate staff and member experiences with easy-to-use software platforms. 
  • Deepen engagement with secure web portals and relevant communication modes. 
  • Drive efficiency with powerful analytics and advanced reporting. 
  • Streamline and automate union processes for better results. 

UnionX Intelligence

UnionX Intelligence is a union’s Client Relationship Manager (CRM), the key to more successful organizing campaigns, effective membership development, and compliant labor board submissions. Leveraging UnionX Intelligence, union organizers can digitize membership cards, and petition forms and collect other information needed for labor board compliance and organizing activities.

UnionX Communication

UnionX Communication facilitates secure live broadcasts for union members using a mobile app customized for each union local. The application creates members-only access and a communication hub for unions to post news, updates and member-centric data. UnionX communication helps modern unions deepen engagement with their members by connecting them securely and with relevant union-owned communication channels.

UnionX Trades Wallet

UnionX Trades Wallet was developed to create a secure digital network to share worker credentials between trusted organizations and the worker. A member’s individual Trades Wallet can easily be set up from a mobile phone, allowing the worker to upload, manage, and share credentials. Organizations can utilize Trades Wallet to manage workers and pre-qualify worker safety tickets, credentials, and skills, all from a central location that easily maps to job sites. The Trades Wallet Enterprise plan can also facilitate automated credential delivery with easy-to-use QR codes for on-site credential verification.

UnionX Membership

UnionX Membership is the information hub for all membership data and collective agreements. UnionX Membership streamlines fees and dues collection, dispatches, the job board, and the calculation of time and hours for pensions, health, and wellness. Best of all, UnionX Membership integrates with other UnionX systems to create improved, more efficient user experiences for union administration and the members they serve.

UnionX Technology

UnionX Technology focuses on upgrading your union technology systems to better support core teams and union members. UnionX Virtual Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have expertise in custom software development, enterprise cloud solutions, and union enterprise knowledge, allowing your union to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements that affect modern businesses.

UnionX Transforming The Future of Union Work

Unions can achieve improved efficiency, more effective decision making, and elevated user experiences with UnionX solutions. Learn more about UnionX at unionxsoftware.com