IUOE Local 955

“When seeking a solutions partner to help us improve or automate union processes, I’m always going to choose a partner who understands the overall business objectives and results to be achieved. At the end of the day – or project – I need to have confidence that a problem is fixed in a manner that it won’t pop up again down the road. LegacyX ensures that problems are solved and the solutions they implement work.

Having worked with several different technology solutions providers before hiring LegacyX, it became quickly evident that LegacyX’s team is outstanding at the translation piece. Translating business to tech and tech to business is a critical piece that they are great at because they are not only technology experts, they also bring a solid business acumen. It’s clear that they want to always ensure that we understand the challenges, opportunities, risks and solutions. I never feel that I have to be in the room when they are working with our staff to identify problems and plan solutions.

I have been working with LegacyX for over ten years because I have both absolute confidence and peace of mind when I have them working on a solution for Union 955. I don’t see us without LegacyX; what we have is a great partnership!”

Director, Information Technology and Infrastructure, IUOE Local 955